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Small town life helps to adjust and enjoy big city living

With the rioting that has been taking place in major cities south of the border many of us are appreciating living in a small town rural setting. Dawn Masnyk-Buhain says growing up in Kapuskasing gave her appreciation of smaller suburbs when her family was looking for a place to settle down.

“I love knowing people,” she said. “I know the gentleman who knows the hardware store, the gas station, just like talking to people the connection and it’s just because I was raised in a small town like Kap.”

Masnyk Buhain who says even though they are far enough from the rioting they still need to be reminded about the nuances and dangers of living in a big city.

“You always have to be on guard and do what the officials tell you to do,” she said. “If they say it’s not safe to be in downtown, and there is a curfew in place then you need to be at home and stay home.”

Rioting broke out nearly two weeks ago over the death of George Floyd who was restrained by a police officer by a knee on his neck for nearly nine minutes. A memorial service was held for him late last week and a funeral service will be held today in Houston, TX.

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