Summer students that are employed by the town of Kapuskasing are getting a pay raise. In fact, over the next three years the rate will rise from $15 to $17 an hour. This summer the town will only hire six instead of 18 students due to COVID-19 which will drastically increase that group’s work load according to Town Officials. Mayor Dave Plourde says their goal is for students to return every summer.

“A student who can’t find a job back home in the summer, it’s usually easier for them to stay away,” he said. “The tendency is to stay away, but when they do find a job they are here for the long term like one, two and three years. So that’s what we are trying to do.”

Plourde says they hope to recruit and retain quality students.

“There is a huge competition for summer students in the workforce,” he said. “By adding this pay raise it will encourage them to come back, get a job and enjoy their summers in Kapuskasing.”

The pay increase is inline with other area municipalities including Hearst and Cochrane.