Kapuskasing Town Hall continues to conduct daily business while preparing for word from the Province when it can open its doors to the public. Mayor Dave Plourde says one area that hasn’t stopped during COVID-19 is home renovations and building permits.

“People are still doing the home renovations and the window of opportunity is short up here for construction,” he said. “It’s important to maintain proper physical distancing and respecting the emergency, while conducting our business.”

Plourde says they are still working out many of the details of how things will look inside.

“The glasses in front of the tellers and the separation of staff are things we are still exploring and looking into,” he said. “It will take some certain measures to maintain all of that. After we begin the slow process of re-entering it’s hard to say and predict what the future or new normal will look like. We know it will be much different than what we are use to.”