Like many businesses, public libraries have faced some challenging times through the COVID-19 Pandemic. Kapuskasing Public Library CEO Julie Latimer says the key for them was to stay top of mind with information of what services are available.

“What we have tried to do is on our Facebook page is keep the public aware that what services we offer online,” she said.

Latimer says the library has had to go through staff reductions, but they’ve also used to the extra time to sort and organize stacks of books they have.

Latimer says many people are unaware that the Library has a large selection of E-books available.

“You can read them on your I-Phone on your tablet, and it is free,” she said. “It’s part of your library membership. We also a similar E-book program for french books too. All you need to do is have your library card.”

Here is a link to the Kapuskasing Public Library’s Facebook page