Negotiations continue with all the Federal parties as to how the next sessions will take place in the House Commons. The Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing MP has been both in Ottawa and participating in the virtual meetings in the Parliament sessions. Carol Hughes says things are certainly quite different in Ottawa.

“It feels quite empty in Parliament right now because there are not a lot of people there,” she said. “Everyone is watching their backs like so many other business people are by making sure they are safe. There are a lot of precautions in place such as hand sanitizing stations.”

She says one of the subtle differences that she likes is the way questions are posed to cabinet ministers.

“You have a minute to pose your question and the cabinet minister has a minute to respond,” she said. “The bonus to this is that all ministers respond and not parliamentary secretaries. So you are getting the answers that you are hoping for, and you can take that minister to task later for not responding to your question.”