Thursday’s report from the Ministry of Health shows 413 new cases have been diagnosed, bringing the province’s total to 24,187.

There have been another 31 deaths, with the total number of people who have passed away from the virus now at 1,993.

Today’s numbers show another 138 new cases in residents of long-term care homes and another 28 in staff, bringing the number of people infected in those facilities up to 6,257.

The recovery rate remains at 76-percent.

There were only 10,000 tests performed in the last 24 hours.  Yesterday, Premier Doug Ford said he was shocked at the low number of tests that had been done in the last three days, averaging below 10,000 and vowed the province has a “strong plan” to increase testing.  He also warned that they are watching the number of new cases and if they see surges or flare-ups he won’t hesitate to “roll things back if necessary.”

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health said the number of new cases has not come down as quickly as hoped and the province will be cautious about the removal of large-scale aspects in its measures and past stage one.