You can now get a fire permit in Kapuskasing if you don’t already have one. Fire Chief Pat Kennedy says they decided to issue fire permits again after a high interest following the lifting of the Provincial Fire ban last Friday. He says the process will change slightly this year.

“We will do a sight visit and take our picture,” he said. “The only slight change is that you won’t be able to pay us in cash. We will send you an invoice or bill in the mail.”

Kennedy says fire permits are extremely important.

“It’s really a safety thing at the end of the day,” he said. “We don’t want anyone to unfortunately lose their property as a result of having a fire in their backyard. That’s why we will do a visit, and make sure you have a proper set up.”

The cost is $42. For further information, call the Kapuskasing Fire Department at 705-335-4225.