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Bears shouldn’t be as hungry this spring as they are most years: MNRF

Bears are starting to wake up from hibernation and showing up near areas populated by people.

Karen Passmore from the MNRF district office says food crops – mostly berries – were better than normal last year, so the bears went to their dens with good body fat reserves.

That should carry them well into spring.

“And we do know that if bears are in good health and well topped up when they go into hibernation, there’s a better chance of females having multiple cubs,” Passmore tells us.

She adds that when bears wake up, finding food is job one, so it’s a good time to manage attractants by keeping your garbage well sealed, your barbecue clean and put your bird feeder away.

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“From the time that they come out of hibernation until berry crops are available, bears will live off of their stored fat and the limited energy that’s provided by spring greens.”

There are anywhere from 85,000 to 105,000 black bears in Ontario.  There is no regional breakdown available.

Information is always available from the Bearwise website.

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