Health care professionals in Kapuskasing admit there is nothing you can do should you know of someone who hasn’t self-isolated. Nadia Ratte,  a nurse practitioner with the Centre De Sante says nothing is set up yet but things could change.

“We have no indication from either Public Health or the Ministry level that there is number or a place you call to report those who have been outside of the country and not self isolated,” she said.

As for approaching someone you know who hasn’t self-isolated, Ratte says do it, but in a kind manner.

“If you want to let them know then do so without any violence or that kind of stuff,” she said. “You can easily say that the indication from our government is that you need to stay home after you have returned from you winter vacation.”

She reminds us that we need to remember physical isolation rules about staying two metres apart from anyone that we are speaking with.