A committee of Health Care service providers continues to meet daily in Kapuskasing regarding their readiness for COVID-19 cases. The group of nursing home and Sensenbrenner Hospital officials, as well as Health Unit and the Centre De Sante and municipal leaders stay up to date with briefings according to chairman Marc Andre Gravel of the Centre De Sante. He adds that everyone has been working together.

“We have had great support from the Town of Kapuskasing through all of this,” said Gravel. “What we are really seeing through this is a true sense of collaboration by all parties and support like we have never seen.”

Gravel of the Centre De Sante says the goal is to make sure all the services are in place.

“At the hospital and in the community, people still need their primary care services,” he said. “So we want to make sure we are working as a system and not as individual agencies or organizations.”