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Person connected to Timmins school tested for coronavirus

R. Ross Beattie Senior Public School in Timmins has told families that a person associated with the school is being tested for COVID-19.

DSB-1 director Lesleigh Dye says another person associated with two other schools was suspected, but the Porcupine Health Unit decided not to go ahead with testing because that person wasn’t exhibiting enough symptoms.

“I really want to emphasize we do not have a case of COVID-19,” Dye says, adding that the school board is in daily contact with the health unit and following its instructions.

“Really what’s most important is the hand washing regularly and also paying very close attention to hard surfaces, soft surfaces, touching your face, touching your eyes, just the personal hygiene that we have to be so aware of.”

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Cleaning staff at Beattie will be sanitizing all hard surfaces daily for the foreseeable future. And Dye tells us that all schools have hand sanitizer, but it’s not alcohol-based.

“Hand sanitizers are somewhat effective.  From the health unit, they continue to emphasize with us nothing replaces water and soap, which we are very fortunate to have an abundance of.”

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