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Putting COVID-19 into perspective

Reported and written by Tim Rout

There is a growing concern among some medical professionals that people are overreacting to the coronavirus.

Cochrane pharmacist Frank Louvelle says coronavirus is not as serious as the common flu and has killed far fewer people.

“The World Health Organization estimates that between 290- and 650-thousand people die each year from flu-related illness,” he says.  “So far, the coronavirus has caused 3,000 deaths.”

Louvelle also says the likelihood of someone here contracting COVID-19 is very low.  He says if you experience symptoms, go to the hospital and get checked out.  And to keep yourself safe, wash your hands often, don’t touch your eyes or face, and avoid unnecessary contact with others.

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Louvelle – who owns Wallace Drug Store — cautions against believing a lot of information you find online.

”It’s important to use reliable sources.  Your local health unit, the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Agency of Canada are all reliable sources.”

If you’re showing symptoms you believe might be COVID-19-related, Louvelle says go to the hospital.

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