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Surgical masks difficult for pharmacies to stock because of COVID-19

You might be disappointed when you go shopping for surgical masks to protect you from coronavirus.

Pharmacist Frank Louvelle owns Wallace Drug Store in Cochrane.

“Well, yes, there’s definitely been an increased interest and we’ve been selling more,” he states, “but the limiting factor there is that we haven’t actually been able to get them in.  Our suppliers are sold out.”


When he can get them, Louvelle says his cost and therefore the price he charges haven’t gone up, but he has heard of suppliers who have increased the cost.

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He’s also answering a lot of customers’ questions.

“Masks aren’t that effective in protecting you,” Louvelle advises.  “More handwashing and other measures are more important.  And the other thing that we’ve been having a run on for sure has been things like hand sanitizers.”

Among those “other measures” that Louvelle mentions are avoiding touching your face and avoiding large crowds, especially if you’re immuno-compromised.

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