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AutCraft to be topic of Microsoft mini-documentary

Timmins innovator in the world of online gaming is going to be featured in a ten-minute Microsoft mini-documentary.

Stuart Duncan owns the AutCraft server.  It’s a version of MineCraft that he developed as an alternative for players with autism.  By vetting participants, Duncan ensures that they aren’t bullied while playing.

“It’s an official MineCraft, Mojang, Microsoft video called Meet the MineCcrafter and they’re going to be talking about me and what I’ve done with their game,” he says.

He’s already delivered a TED Talk and spoke about AutCraft at a New York conference, and considers the documentary a big deal, too.

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“For a guy at home in his living room who just decided to just help kids have a safe place, really mind boggling,” Duncan comments.

“I check through Google and forums and everything to make sure that they’re not a troll or a bad person and if they look okay, then I add them to the white list and then they can access the server.”

Duncan has 11,000 subscribers on his server and says that 170-million people play MineCraft every month.

No release date for the documentary has been announced.

“Autcraft Father” is Stuart Duncan’s avatar on the game.
(Supplied by Stuart Duncan)
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