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Use Extra Caution when following Snowplows this winter

When you are out driving this winter remember to use caution when you come up behind a snowplow. That’s the word from Constable Michelle Simard of the Ontario Provincial Police following two major accidents in the region in the last two months. One took place near Kapuskasing, while another was a fatal accident on Highway 17 near Spanish River. Simard says it’s important to keep a safe distance.

“When a snowplow is clearing snow on the road way they are moving considerably slower than you are,” she said. “We need to stay far enough behind them because they are blinding our visibility with the snow they are throwing and they can’t see us.”

Simard says motorists appear to be in a rush to get somewhere and that can lead to accidents.

“What’s your final destination? If it’s just a couple of kilometres then keep your distance and stay behind the snowplows,” she said. “We have to give the snowplows a little more room because they have a job to do to clear the roadways so we can get to our destination too.”

She says if you go around the snowplow chances are that part of the highway hasn’t been cleaned and could cause other issues including accidents.


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