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We’re being spared much of the storm south of us

The weather we’re getting today isn’t the best, but it could be much worse.

A wide swath of Ontario south of Timmins is being clobbered with snow and freezing rain.

Environment Canada meteorologist Peter Kimbell says we’re being spared much of that.

“For the most part, it is going to be snow, 5-10 cm is what we’re looking for today, another two tonight,” he tells us. “So I wouldn’t say skirting by, but you’re not getting the worst of it, let’s put it that way.”

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The most snow and ice pellets will fall on Timmins — less so on Kap, Cochrane and Iroquois Falls.

“The further north you go, the less precipitation would be,” Kimbell notes.  “But yes, for the most part, it applies to them, too.”

Kimbell also says the unusually warm temperatures this time of year will continue until the end of the week.

Weather radar as of 12:00pm, Mon., Dec. 30, 2019.
(Environment Canada)
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