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Advice to avoid holiday tragedy

The excitement of the holiday season can carry over to kids’ outdoor play time.

OPP Constable Michelle Simard has several safety tips to consider over the two-week school break.

She advises kids to play away from roads, fences and snowbanks —  that last one in case a car hits the snowbank.

“We don’t want them building forts, either in roadway snowbanks,” Simard points out, “ just because if the snowplow comes by and that child’s in there, you could imagine the consequences of that.

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“So we just want to make sure that kids are taking the proper precautions and parents as well.  Know where your kids are.  Be mindful that if you can’t see the snowplow driver, the driver can’t see you.”

Brightly coloured outdoor clothes are a good idea, too, for improved visibility.

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