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The latest in phone scams

The phone scammers have apparently found yet another new way to defraud people.

So says OPP Constable Michelle Simard. “The fraudsters are using the court house number somehow, claiming to be officers of the court and then requesting money,” she says.

Simard adds that the callers are also asking for personal information, such as your social insurance number, and can sound quite legitimate.

“We need to remember that a court house won’t call you at home for money,” Simard advises. “If there’s a fine imposed or something like that, they will send it to you through the mail.”

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She adds that that goes for any government agency.

There are tell-tale signs that the calls aren’t legit.

“You should never be asked to pay a debt through a prepaid card or wire transfer.  That’s not things that the government actually asks you to do.”

Simard says if you get one of these calls, you should contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or .

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