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Is driving in a snow storm really necessary?

Reported by Bob McIntyre

As we drive through the first snow storm of the season, it’s time to think about how necessary this trip is.

OPP Constable Michelle Simard says before leaving home, check with MTO for road conditions and build more time into your trip, if you have to go at all.

“An appointment can be rescheduled,” she notes.  “Family members would much rather you postpone a trip and make it there the following day, than to get into an accident on the way there.”

Simard continues with the advice to make sure all of your car lights are on.

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“When I travel, I always have all of my headlights on.  I never run with my daytime (running lights),” she says. “There’s nothing wrong with it, but in cloudy conditions when you’re on the highway, there’s nothing wrong with turning them on.  It’s safer that way.  People from behind can see you and people ahead of you can see you clearly.”

Another reminder: For your tail lights to be on, you have to turn on the headlight switch inside the car.

“If there’s any kind of blowing snow, somebody coming up behind you isn’t going to see you until they’re right on you.”

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