Special Ballot…It’s used by shut-ins or by Canadians living in other countries to vote during elections. Tuesday is the deadline to get those ballots and return them in the mail prior to the October 21 Election Day. Rejean Grenier Regional Media Advisor for Ontario says people should call their local elections Canada returning office.

“If you phone there someone will take care of you,” Grenier said. “If you are a shut-in you will need to vote by special ballot. Elections Canada can arrange for you to have that ballot and even help you fill it out.”

Grenier, Regional Media Advisor for Ontario says people in hospitals and nursing homes are not left out.

“Often the local returning office will send a crew to a hospital or a nursing facility so people can take advantage and vote.”

The number for the Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing returning office is 1-866-450-9895 or visit www.electionscanada.ca.