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Question #3 What do you perceive as the important issue regarding social programs in the riding, and how would you address it?

Carol Hughes – NDP Incumbent

The withdrawal of federal offices from our communities make it more difficult for Northerners to get the help they need.  Often, programs exist that people are unaware of because of the retreat of these federal offices like Service Canada or Veterans Affairs.  New Democrats will re-invest in our communities by restoring lost service and improving outcomes for those who deal with these agencies remotely.  Nothing is more frustrating than a 45 minute wait on hold only to have your call dropped.  That’s why we’ll ensure people get the help they need – on line, on the phone, or in person.


Heather Wilson – Liberal Party

There are many important issues for families in AMK but perhaps the one that I’ve heard most at the doors is the delivery of services for seniors.  I spoke to a woman recently that had valid concerns regarding the piecemeal fashion in which seniors are forced to access services.  A re-elected government would implement a National Seniors Strategy that would address inequities of care that exist and provide a seamless transition through the continuum of care.  Seniors deserve easy, consolidated access to housing, pharma-care, income and food security, health care and the many other aspects that ensure the best quality of life.


Dave Williamson – Conservative Party

Dealing with mental health and addictions remains the most urgent health and social issue facing the riding.  The opioid crisis affects all of our communities in some manner and it is critical that we fund the social and health supports required to address it.  Andrew Scheer has committed increasing the federal health targeted money to the province by at least 3% per year. It is critical that the additional funds flow through to the front line agencies and care givers working directly with patients.


Max Chapman – Green Party of Canada

Social programs in Canada have been cut by previous governments who would rather focus on providing tax breaks for corporations. That is why the Green Party will raise the corporate tax rate back to 21%, in line with the US, and force large e-commerce companies like Amazon to register and pay taxes on income in Canada. This will allow us to increase health transfers, implement pharmacare for all, and start a Guaranteed Livable Income in Canada.

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Dave De Lisle – People’s Party Of Canada

Accessing the social programs that we have is a major problem, they are not easy for everyone to get to and they are not always easy to navigate.  I believe that programs meant to help people should not be difficult to access or to understand.  I would work with the communities to make sure that those people who need them are able get to them. Whether it is on-line or in person.  I would also work with the Province to cut the bureaucratic red tape so that more of the money spend on the programs goes to benefit the people it is supposed to help.

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