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Question #2: What do you consider the most urgent health issue facing this riding? As a Member of Parliament, how would you address it?

Carol Hughes – NDP Incumbent

When people are forced to choose between taking their medicine and other essentials something is wrong.  When people can’t afford to go to the dentist or pay for medically necessary work, something is wrong.  The NDP plan to include dental care in the Canada Health Act and introduce true universal Pharmacare will transform household budgets the way that the introduction of universal Medicare did.  If people can afford life’s essentials, better health outcomes will follow.  New Democrats believe the only thing you should need for to pay for essential health care is your health card – not your credit card.


Heather Wilson – Liberal Party

As I’ve been knocking on doors in AMK people are telling me about issues with access to healthcare as well as being able to afford medications.  A re-elected Liberal government has committed to ensuring all Canadians have access to a family doctor which is often frustrating in the North.  We will also implement Universal Pharma care so that all Canadians have the drug coverage they need at an affordable price in conjunction with the Canada Drug Agency to make drug purchasing more effective and efficient.  Residents in AMK deserve reliable health care and affordable medication to live happy and healthy lives.


David Williamson – Conservative Party

The most urgent health issue facing the riding remains the lack of available health services and the long wait times for life-saving tests and scans.   Andrew Scheer has committed to spending $1.5 billion to reduce wait times for potentially life-saving scans.  In our first term, a Conservative government will invest in the replacement of old equipment and increase the number of MRI’s and CT scanners.  In addition, Andrew Scheer will maintain and increase the current funding formula for the Canada Health Transfer and the Canada Social Transfer.


Max Chapman – Green Party

The opioid crisis swept the country and affected the lives of countless Canadians. In our riding,
we have seen the toll opioids can have on a community. The Green Party believes it is time to
treat the crisis as a public health issue, we will stop punishing drug users and instead provide
the help they need to treat their addiction. Greens will decriminalize drug possession without
intent to distribute and invest in addiction treatment and mental health services.

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Dave De Lisle – People’s Party of Canada

The health of our aging population is the most urgent health issue facing this riding.  Our seniors deserve to be able to buy their medication and still be able to live. As a member of Parliament I would bring forth a bill that would double the amount money that they receive each month and work with the drug companies to lower their co-pay fees.

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