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Question #1 – What do you consider the biggest local issue in Kapuskasing and Hearst? Should you be elected, how would you address it?

Carol Hughes – NDP Incumbent

The area needs jobs and the NDP plan to transition to a clean economy will spread the wealth of job creation to all parts of the country. We will turn FedNor into a stand-alone regional development agency to harness the potential of the north and use it to invest in the next generation of forestry and mining, while fostering job creation in areas like tourism and community development.  We will also deliver high-speed rural broadband to all communities without delay and expand reliable cell phone service to every area of Canada, while keeping rates affordable for families and businesses.


Heather Wilson – Liberal Party

We have a vast riding and the issues vary from community to community.  However, the biggest issue I’ve heard at the doors is a need for sustainable employment. We need made in the North solutions to make sure our communities not only survive, but thrive, and to keep our kids in the North. That’s why this region needs a seat at the table to ensure the government knows exactly what is necessary to ensure the Highway 11 corridor continues to grow.   When our economy is strong we will also have the resources to deliver superior services to seniors.


Dave Williamson – Conservative Party

The rising cost of living and increasing taxation is the single biggest issue facing the people of Kapuskasing and Hearst.  Watching hard earned dollars evaporate into the void as costs rise is frustrating for those in the workforce and devastating for those on a fixed income.  A conservative government will address this issue by reducing taxes through a Universal Tax cut saving most taxpayers up to $440 per year.  We will also be reducing price of gasoline and home heating oil through the elimination of the carbon tax.  In addition to making maternity benefits tax free, we will provide seniors with an additional $1000 tax, and families with a tax credit for Children’s sports and recreation.


Max Chapman – Green Party of Canada

The Green Party will increase employment in Northern Ontario through investments in services,
infrastructure, and industry. We will create a “Canadian Sustainable Generations Fund” which
will invest in trades, apprenticeships and education required for the transition to a green
economy. Upgrading the national energy grid, and retrofitting buildings to be more energy
efficient can create 4 million jobs nationwide. We will also create jobs in the North by investing
in forestry and value-added manufacturing, agriculture and agri-food, mining innovation, and

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Dave De Lisle – People’s Party of Canada

I consider the preservation of the French Language to be the biggest Local issue facing the residence of Kapuskasing and Hearst. I hear from people that they are concerned that the French Language will be lost. I believe strongly in preserving our culture and language. It is part of who we are. I may have lost my French Language when I was growing up, but I sent my children to an all French School so that they would learn it an become fully bilingual.  If Elected I too will re-learn my lost language.  If Elected, I will work with the Provinces to ensure that the French/ English bilingualism is preserved, and I will bring forth a bill to have the uniqueness of our Communities Officially recognized as a unique part of our Country.

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