Awkward postures and repetitive motions lead to injuries on the job. Those are the top loss-time injury reported to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Sensenbrenner Hospital’s manager of physio and occupational therapy Denise Nadeau says a good way to prevent those injuries from happening is to stretch and move around before work and during breaks.

“Some who works on a production line who is doing repetitive movements, all of the same type,” she said. “They should either do a job rotation or try different positions to prevent from getting injuries.”  take a

Nadeau says there’s a new saying that sitting is the new smoking because many of the new jobs require long hours of sitting.

“With technology all of the new jobs are sitting related,” she said. “It is very important to stand up and walk around. The health risks are great when you tend to sit for an extended period of time.”

From now until the end of the year, the Ontario Ministry of Labour is conducting a health and safety blitz for musculature and respiratory hazards in the work place.