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New Scrap Metal Business is a Win/Win!

New Scrap Metal Business is a Win/Win!

The next time you’re ready to scrap some metal for cash, you might find a new name on the sign at your local scrapyard. AIM Recycling is proud to have joined the Kapuskasing Community, taking over Mondoux Metal Salvage. But don’t worry about the big guy taking over the little guy. AIM Recycling is part of American Iron & Metal, a Canadian Company that started over 80 years ago in 1936 as a family run business, and they aren’t about to forget where they came from. However what they bring is a renowned global leader in the metal recycling industry. So don’t be shy in welcoming AIM Recycling to the Kapuskasing Community with a nice bucket of copper or a truck full of metal. In honour of their arrival, here is a quick guide to making some money in the scrap game.

Know Your Metals

Have you heard of ferrous and nonferrous metals? Simply put, ferrous metals contain iron, and are magnetic. Nonferrous metals do not contain iron and are not magnetic, but they are typically worth more money. Common nonferrous metals include brass, copper, aluminum, gold, lead, and stainless steel.

Have the Right tools

There’s not a lot of tools required, but a magnet and something to collect material in will help you get the most value out of scrapping. And you’ll want to gather a fair amount of metal before bringing it to the yard so some large buckets and a truck will help.

Know Where to Look

Sometimes people just throw precious metal away, not knowing its worth a lot. Any demolition or building construction zone is bound to have excess materials. Just make sure you have permission to be on site collecting scrap metal before you begin. Get the word out that you are collecting scrap metal so that people contact you when they have metal to get rid of.

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Organizing Your Metal

Separate each metal into its own section to get a better price. Each metal has its own value.

Know the Prices

You can find the current values of scrap metal online and you can always call AIM Recycling Kapuskasing to find out their current buying prices.

Visit AIM Recycling

Now that you have a little knowledge of how to work the scrap game, it is time to pay AIM Recycling Kapuskasing a visit. They love taking your metal as much as you love taking their cash, so it’s a win/win scenario. If it’s your first time at a scrap yard, just ask the staff how everything works and they’ll be happy to show you. Find AIM Recycling Kapuskasing in the old Mondoux Metal Salvage location at 90 Gurney Road or give them a call at (705) 335-9000.

90 Gurney Rd, Kapuskasing, ON P5N 2S6
(705) 335-9000

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