As you make your way to the cottage this weekend or go fishing, be on the lookout for hunters as the season is officially underway. Staff Sargent Ken Ukraintez Area manager for the MNR’s Cochrane office says they still see a lot of violations when they are out on area concessions and roads. He adds one of the biggest is having a loaded gun in a vehicle.

“Fire arms are considered loaded even if its the magazine loaded with cartridges that attach to the riffle,” he said. “You can’t have that.”

Ukrainetz says they also see a lot of hunters who don’t wear enough hunter orange.

“You must have a covering of your upper body of 400 square inches, and a solid vest meets that requirement,” he said. “They also must have a hunter orange cap for their heads.”

Fines for having a loaded gun in your vehicle  is $500. If a hunter is caught without sufficient orange they can be fined $300. Hunters should refer to ministry’s 2019 regulations summary for more details on changes for this season.