This Sunday is Terry Fox Run Day across Canada. In Kapuskasing the 39th annual event takes place at the Kapuskasing Civic Center beginning at 10:30 am with registration followed by the run at 11 am. Organizer Susan Renaud says everything will be ready to go.

“We will have everything set up in the Auditorium,” she said. “People can come by and register or drop off money. We usually have a few speeches, a warm up and then send everyone on their way. There is a light lunch afterwards.”

Renaud invites people to either register and donate on line or just show up in person on the morning of the event. In Kapuskasing, the Terry Fox Run raises approximately $7,000 for cancer research and once again Stella Arezza is leading the charge. This year through her fundraising efforts she has brought in over $3,100. For further information please visit