To apply or not to apply? That was the question facing Kapuskasing Town Council on Thursday night regarding new provincial government funding for recreation projects such as a swimming pool. Council will vote to direct staff to begin the process that could see the community get over 70 percent of a new pool funded. That application must be submitted by early November. Kapuskasing Mayor Dave Plourde says grants like this don’t come around for municipalities every day.

“I think it would be not in our favor to not use the pool in the application in this case,” said Plourde. “I think we have to apply. Seventy cents on the dollar is something we don’t see too often.”

Plourde says council will refine and update the existing proposal for a new swimming pool that was put on the shelf several years ago and submit it for the application.

“Take that project off the shelf, dust it off,” he said. “There is work to do and I know we will get it done. At the end of it, if we don’t get the funding it wasn’t because we didn’t try.”
The proposed new pool would be built either adjacent to the Sports Palace or perhaps across the street. Another area council wants to take a look at is whether to add viewing stand or seating area and they want to look at other facilities in the region to see what they might have.