OPP are trying to calm a lot of raw nerves in Kapuskasing today, amid social media speculation about two men in a suspicious vehicle.  The posts indicate they were spotted in the Highway 11 construction zone at about 10:30 in the morning.

Northeast region media coordinator Acting Sergeant Shona  Camirand says in the past week, provincial police have received dozens of calls related to the fugitive murder suspects from British Columbia.  They were all unsubstantiated.

“We will investigate every incident that we get,” Camirand emphasizes.  “We will look for the vehicles in question or the people in question.  Public safety is the OPP’s utmost concern and if there’s anything safety-wise that the public needs to know, we’ll get it out there.”

And while the investigation continues in Kap, Camirand asks anyone who spots anything suspicious not to report it on social media, but directly to police.