UPDATE AT 10:30pm: Still not a lot of information.  In a video posted to Twitter, all that media relations officer Const. Stéphanie Bélec says is that it happened early Monday evening; one person inside was injured and taken to hospital; the driver has been arrested; and the investigation is ongoing.  In reply to an inquiry by My Kapuskasing Now Dot Com, she says the incident happened at about 6:00pm, the person who was hit is not an OPP officer, and the injuries are serious.

Details are scarce at this point, into what transpired at the Cochrane OPP building early this evening.

Photographs show a U-Haul rental truck protruding from the building’s entrance, apparently after having been driven into it.

An OPP media relations officer is on her way to Cochrane from Kapuskasing.  The regional communications centre in North Bay is refusing comment, claiming that no one there has time to provide details and that a release will be out later this evening.

My Kapuskasing Now Dot Com will update as soon as that is made available.