Just because it wasn’t blue-green algae in the water at Remi Lake near Moonbeam last week, doesn’t mean there’s not something toxic there.

Porcupine Health Unit public health inspector Sandra Lapajne says the environment ministry is testing for other toxins.

“There are different species of algae,” she explains. “We tend to use the common term blue-green algae, although there are several species that can produce toxins.”

Lapajne urges you to report anything unusual in the water near your property or your water intake to the environment ministry’s spills action centre.

“It can look like grass clippings on the top of the water.  It can look like a green sludge on the top of the water.  Essentially, it’s something that’s unusual for that water course.”

Click here for the health unit’s precautions and the number to the ministry’s spills line.