UPDATED AT 9:30am TUESDAY, JULY 16:  Administration now saying five residents with enteric, two with respiratory.

UPDATED AT 4:30pm MONDAY, JULY 15:  Administration at North Centennial Manor now say a gastrointestinal outbreak is also in effect.  Two residents so far are showing symptoms, in addition to the three with the respiratory illness.

Three of the 78 residents at North Centennial Manor in Kapuskasing are under quarantine in their rooms, due to a respiratory outbreak.

Administrator Claude Tremblay says that’s a mandated response from the health ministry to keep the outbreak from spreading.

Extra cleaning will be done in the long term care home and restrictions on visitors are in place.

“If they’re sick of course they cannot come in the establishment,” Tremblay outlines. “One visitor at a time and they only visit one resident.  They cannot go hop room to room.”

“As soon as we have, I believe, five days with no symptoms, nobody in isolation, everything will come back to normal.”