UPDATE:  Late Friday, the Porcupine Health Unit released test results via the following statement:

Analysis of the sample indicated that an algal bloom was not present, however, additional toxin testing is being conducted. 
The Porcupine Health Unit continues to advise people using Remi Lake to be on the lookout for algal blooms. If you see a bloom near your property or water intake line, take precautions for Blue-Green Algae and do not wait for results from sampling.


The provincial environment ministry is awaiting lab test results on suspected blue-green algae from Remi Lake, north of Moonbeam.

The bloom was reported to the ministry last Wednesday, July 3rd, and samples were taken the next day.

Blue-green algae can form when the water temperature and weather conditions are right for it, and when the water has enough nitrogen and phosphorus in it.

It then forms toxins that the Porcupine Health Unit says can be harmful to people and animals, causing skin irritation, vomiting nausea and abdominal pain.

If the samples come back positive — and in the meantime — the health unit advises against swimming in Remi Lake, using the water for any purpose,  and eating fish from the lake.

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