About 40 Kapuskasing homes won’t have water coming out of their taps on Monday morning.

Public works general manager Eric Cote says due to Highway 11 construction, part of the water main has to be isolated.

“We’ll be shutting off water to a portion of town and basically cutting out our main, isolating it and then establishing water to the residents,” he explains.

That will start at about 9:00am.  Cote hopes to have water restored by 1:00pm.

He adds that there are “no worries whatsoever” in terms of fire protection.

“We have an internal process where we advise the firemen of the affected area and they obviously stock up on water and they know exactly which areas where they can connect water to for their purposes.

The shut-off will affect Brunelle Road north to Macdonald Street, south to Mill Street and east to Gurney Road.