The town of Hearst will be ending off pride month the best way they know how. On Saturday, June 29th, they will be hosting the town’s first ever Pride Parade. 

Organizer Sylvie Martin says that the goal of the parade is quite simple.

“Basically we want to show Hearst that hey, we do have a group who support LBGTQ+, that there’s so many people in town that are actually allies to the group as well”. 

And the parade isn’t only for LGBTQ2+ members, it’s also important for allies to attend.

“It’s good for the youth, and even the adults, to see that the town is supporting the LBGTQ2+. We want the people to feel loved, you know, from both sides.” says Martin.

It’s the first of its kind in the town, but Martin is hoping to turn this into an annual event. Ideally by next year, they will have the funding to assist anyone in the community who might be transitioning. 

The event will start at 1pm at Al Kinsey Park, in Hearst, and include guest speakers, music, and of course, the parade itself.

For more information on the event, check out the Pride Hearst Facebook page.