You’re so proud of your wheels, you should be showing them off.

You can do just that on the Saturday of the the Porquis Rock and Blues Festival, July 20th.

Ken Cosens is president of the Porquis Recreation Association and has been organizing the show and shine portion of the weekend festivities for about eight years.

“Well, it’s for classic cars, custom motorcycles, antiques, vintage vehicles, anything that’s got wheels that’s old or kind of modern, the new stuff is welcome as well,” he says.

Motorcycles last year at the Porquis Rock and Blues Festival show and shine.
(Supplied by Ken Cosens)

And the bonus is having live rock, blues and country music to accompany the show.

Whoever shows up with a vehicle for the show and shine gets two passes for the music festival.

“No cost for the vehicle and the driver and one passenger get in for free,” says Cosens.

Obviously, the live music is something no other show and shine offers.

“Exactly,” he concurs. “We have an awesome weekend lined up for blues, country and some rock and roll I believe as well.

“I hope to see a lot of vehicles out there.  I know we have the Hamelin boys, some of the locals that bring all their Mopars out, which is greatly appreciated and hope to see them again this year.”

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