It is still not known exactly when Pikangikum First Nation residents will return home, but the process has begun.

According to general manager of protective services Pat Kennedy, repatriation has started in Winnipeg, and then will work on a municipality to municipality basis.

Kennedy says next up would then be the city of Timmins, while Hearst and Kapuskasing fall to numbers six and seven respectively in the order of repatriation.

He says so far today two flights were made out of Winnipeg and they are planning another eight to come tomorrow. Kennedy also mentions that this is yet to be officially confirmed as what will take place and there have been no confirmations made on dates that municipalities should expect to be sending home evacuees.

Kennedy says things will be taken on a day-to-day basis with the repatriation of the Pikangikum First Nation.

Kapuskasing is currently housing nearly 750 evacuees from the first nation community after a pair of forest fires forced the residents to be evacuated from their homes.