The museum is open and this year its showcasing attractions that connect the community to its roots.

Curator Julie Latimer spoke with and says the new exhibits available for residents range from the life of lumber camps to a look at the history of golf within the area.

Latimer says the “Life in the Lumber Camps” exhibit is a detailed look at Lumberjacks and their work, as well as their livelihood.

“This year’s main exhibit is the one about “Life in the Lumber Camps”, that exhibit is arranged in a way so that you learn about the lumber operations, and then who the lumberjacks are, the work that they do, where they live, and then how the logs get to the mill.”

She also says a “We Belong” exhibit will display many different club, organizational, group or sports team patches through the years from the local area. Latimer also mentions there will be a “Golfing in Kapuskasing” exhibit to also highlight the sport of golf within our town.

Latimer says all three exhibits definitely showcase our community roots.

“Our exhibits always focus on local history and I find that all three of the exhibits really touch on the history of the town, the sense of community that we have and the importance of our roots. So it’s really tying back to how and when Kapuskasing started and the sense that people love their community.”

As well, Latimer says in addition to the new exhibits, they still have working train models for the kids and adults to enjoy taking a look through, and also Maurice Gaudreault’s highly detailed clay sculptures showing Northern Ontario’s pioneers.

The museum will remain open seven days a week from 9:30am to 4:30pm and is as always, free admission.

You can always head to their new FB page for further event updates and details.