Written By: Bob McIntyre

The number of surplus teaching jobs for our region’s English public schools have been calculated. District School Board Ontario North East chairman Bob Brush says it could have been a lot worse.

“In the elementary panel across the district, that is from Hearst to Temagami,” he outlines, “the fulltime equivalency will show a reduction of 9.5 and in the secondary panel, there will be a surplus notification going to 4.3 fulltime equivalent teachers.”

Brush says that’s only slightly higher than last year’s surplus, when declining enrolment was the biggest factor. This year, it’s government funding.

It could end up better, should any teachers retire or leave the board.

“So there are still some variables that are going to impact this,” the chairman notes. “It’s certainly not going higher.  But we do expect in this last month for it to go lower.”