Written By: Bob McIntyre

Here’s another sobering sign of how the opioid crisis in Ontario is getting worse.

We don’t have numbers specific to our region, but across the province, OPP Constable Michelle Simard says there’s been what the force calls “an alarming increase of opioid overdoses and deaths”.

“The OPP has identified a 35% increase in overdose deaths during the first quarter of 2019, compared to the first quarter of 2018,” Simard reports. “ Since September 2017, the OPP has administered naloxone on 79 occasions and saved 73 lives.”

There has been a marked increase just in the last few months, says Simard.

“The OPP has administered the highest number of naloxone doses in March and April 2019.”

Naloxone reverses the effects of an overdose, if administered soon enough.

Superintendent Bryan McKillop says the OPP will continue to target people who produce, import and traffic in opioids.