In a few weeks Kapuskasing will be celebrating what it means to be Indigenous, while focusing on reconciling its past.

In cohesion with National Indigenous People’s Day Summer Solstice on Friday, June 21st, the town of Kapuskasing alongside the Kapuskasing Indian Friendship Centre will host its second straight celebration.

KIFC worker Rhonda Martin says after having their request for the use of the Circle approved back at the end of April they have been preparing a day to properly celebrate their culture.

Martin says they have planned to have a drum group with dancers, local bands playing throughout the day, guest speakers in their tipi setup and also vendors will be located along Cain Street.

She says it is also a day to celebrate Indigenous culture within this specific area as well as well as recognize the reconciliation process of mending the bridges between the Indigenous community and the town of Kapuskasing.

Martin says any questions people have about the culture and teachings can be easily answered on this day.

“It is open to the whole community. What I would suggest is that people just come out see what’s there, what’s involved in it, and learn. That’s what it’s there for, for people to learn more things like all those questions that people may have they can come out there and they can get all their answers there kind of a thing.”

She also says due to the fact the Circle is such a major representation of Indigenous culture; they are extremely pleased the town gave them the go ahead to celebrate their event using the area.

Martin also says a cool new addition in the buildup to this year’s event has been the involvement of local area schools in a few different contests.

“Logo contest for the Grades 7, 8 and 9 in all the schools, we asked for it to be a representation of First Nations people and the town of Kapuskasing, in the theme of reconciliation. And then were also doing colouring contests and then a drawing contest for the younger grades.”

The end result is a decision to allow the Circle to be used from 1:00pm until 6:00pm and following the event it will be re-opened.

The National Indigenous Peoples Day event is to take place on June 21st in Kapuskasing.