Written By: Rocco Frangione

The quiet forest fire season to date in Ontario has allowed the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to send 113 firefighters from the Northeast Region to Alberta to help their counterparts fight escalating wildfires.

Of that number, 12 are from North Bay Management Headquarters.

In total Ontario has sent 230 of its people from Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services to Alberta to help that province fight raging forest fires.

The MNRF is also supplying Alberta with pumps, hoses and hand tools.

In addition, more than 50 personnel from Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services have been deployed to Yukon.

As of June 2nd, there was only one active wildland fire in the northeast and it was confined to .4 hectares of land just west of Spanish Provincial Park in the Sudbury District.

The fire is not yet under control.