A 70-year-old man is on a journey to raise funds to fight against a grueling neurological disease.

Since April 12th Walter Reich has been riding from Tofino, British Columbia and has put over 4,000 kilometres behind him as well as four provinces along the way in his fight against Parkinson’s disease.

Today he is passing through Kapuskasing on his journey after stopping off in Hearst yesterday for the evening.

Reich’s dream was to bike across Canada after retiring from being a motel owner in rural Ontario, so starting in Tofino the 70-year-old has begun crossing the country raising money for a disease he is not affected by but many close to him are.

His message, put more awareness out there regarding the disease and its toll.

“Make awareness about Parkinson’s because that’s a disease, it’s not a nice thing to have, just awareness as I’m trying to help people, and that’s actually the message.”

Reich chose April as the starting month for his trip because it is recognized as Parkinson’s disease awareness month.

Photo of Walter and Giant gofundme logo. (Supplied by Reich Family)

He says so far he has enjoyed the journey and today has been the first day in a while with some decent weather.

“Actually I am enjoying riding, especially today it’s actually the first day since I came into the prairie where I have decent weather. You know its just seeing the scenery on Highway 11, and I choose Highway 11 up here because it’s much more safe.”

Reich, originally from Switzerland, thought he could use this opportunity to help those who are in need, so he is planning to continue riding 100 kilometres each day all the way through until he reaches the Maritimes.

If you see their bus or Walter during his ride his wife Regula asks that you cheer him on in support and hopefully can help to donate to their cause.

Photo of Walter Reich, his wife Regul and & Nick Birnie of MooseFM. (Nick Birnie, MyKapuskasingNow.com)

The family has also decided to donate the money they raise directly to groups and facilities working directly with people with Parkinson’s disease.

Reich currently sits at $1,585 raised and if you would like to donate, you can visit Walter and Giant’s FB page or go fund me page.