Help has been found for Isabella Castonguay.  She’s now in North Bay, occupying a pediatric mental health care bed.

The ten-year-old Iroquois Falls girl experienced a mental health crisis this week… but the four beds at Timmins and District Hospital were occupied.

Isabella Castonguay
(Darcy Cybolsky, The Enterprise)

Timmins New Democratic MPP Gilles Bisson lays the blame squarely at the feet of two people: Kathleen Wynne and Doug Ford.

He notes that as premier, Wynne limited or froze increases to annual health care funding to one percent. Bisson says what Ford’s doing is worse.

“Why we have four beds is based on the amount of budget they have and based on what the local health integration newtwork had allowed them to do, as far as offering services to the community,” he states.

Bisson says he’s sure the hospital would like to do more.

“Given the limited resources, there’s a limited amount of space in the system which is quite wrong, because at the end, it could be a quite tragic result.”

Bisson notes that mental health services for kids are needed more than ever, because of the pressures of a changing world that put them at risk.