A new track from a local artist is bringing more focus to the idea of loving again.

Kapuskasing’s own Marcia Chum, the Indigenous singer-songwriter has released her newest single and accompanying music video titled ‘Undone’. Chum says the single has a folk-pop take at examining the way bad timing can effect a romantic relationship between people.

Chum says that Undone offers a sweet, catchy melody to get behind for those listening, but it also tells a story of how being hurt can hold people back from loving again.

“The song itself tells a story of two people and just basically getting to know each other and too scared and they both obviously have these feelings for each other but they’re both too scared to admit that.”

She says the song was inspired by two friends of her going through these observable struggles. Chum says it made her start to think about how many people go through the same in life experiencing those same issues.

Chum says as for the experience of shooting the video with Director Carlos Coronado and Producer Chris Graham, it was amazing, as the video was focused on keeping her within her elements as well as expressing who she is.

“Chris Graham who is the producer and he had envisioned this certain kind of video where he wanted to keep me in my element because I’m a small town northern girl, he wanted to keep it nature so he kind of just wanted to keep who I was and reflect it in that video.”

Chum went through an immense past year-and-a-half, losing her home in a fire in late 2017, but through these up’s and down’s, she says she was able to keep herself centered and turn it towards her passion.

“Yea absolutely, every song that I’ve written all has a story to it, it’s a little piece of myself that I’m sharing with the world and people, and I have been through alot.”

She says the single is a kick-off to an album she has been recording and is continuing to work upon. Chum says to keep an ear out for it in around six months’ time.

Chum’s single is available on Spotify, Apple Music / iTunes, Google Play, and wherever music is streamed or downloaded or visit for more information www.marciachum.com.