With Files from: Bob McIntyre

Depending on which provincial park you had in mind for Victoria Day weekend camping, you might be disappointed, though those headed for Rene Brunelle will be glad to hear its planning to be open for you.

Dave Sproule is a marketing specialist with Ontario Parks.

“René Brunelle is still planned to be open for the planned opening date,” he reports, “but Esker Lakes and Kettle Lakes are quite snowy still.  So they’re going to be delayed in their opening until May 24th.”

Pic of Rene Brunelle Provincial Park, Photo Supplied

Kettle Lakes Park is between Timmins and Iroquois Falls. René Brunelle Park is in Moonbeam, and Esker Lakes is northeast of Kirkland Lake.

“We’re looking forward to hosting our campers,” Sproule adds, “and it’ll be of course a little bit chillier in the spring, but it’ll be nice, I’m sure.”