Following the long weekend you will be forced to take some detours when driving in Kapuskasing.

Public Works Manager Eric Cote says that beginning Tuesday, May 21st at 9:00am Brunelle Road North and Brunelle Road South will be closed at the Highway 11 intersection.

Cote says this is because crews are going to be re-commencing work along the highway in that section. This is in continuation of their initial project that most recently was requesting to extend piping work originally from Gulf Street through to Brunelle through to LaSalle Avenue, which at this time still has yet to receive a yes or no.

Cote says at this time they are simply going to finish up the prior work they had set, which could take them up to a month.

“We’re hoping to achieve all the piping work in four to five weeks and after that were going to be into the remedial stuff which is sidewalks and asphalt, so a good solid month at least.”

He says in short, the highway will always be open, but Brunelle both North and South will not have access to it, nor will access to them from the highway.

“So what you are going to have to do is basically detour to De L’Etang (Boulevard) or Cournoyer (Street) back out to Golf Street, or on the other side of things Richmond (Avenue) remains open, and Vanier (Street). So there’s going to be detours installed there by the contractor and on the south side of the tracks you will be able to access the highway through Mill Street.”

Cote says the contractor is currently establishing the detours and signage as we speak, while also preparing to begin their piping work to begin a week from today.