The manor is planning a pathway and new look gazebo for their residents.

Diane Belisle, Family Council Member of North Centennial Manor, says they are proud to announce that they are expecting to begin construction of their gazebo and walkway project by early June.

Belisle says the purpose of constructing a new gazebo and finishing off a pathway for residents of the manor is simple; it gives them an area to enjoy themselves outdoors, whereas right now they are forced to circle the parking lot.

She says they have had a lot of success so far with their fundraising activities, beginning with an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant of $150,000 as well as generous donations by local merchants and community members have made sure that the project can move forward.

Belisle says with this, they have set their sights on June to break ground.

“We are hoping to, well we are not hoping, we are going to as soon as the ground is thawed, we are aiming for June, to start the project in June of this year.”

She says due to the amount of activities and their impending new outdoor setup, they are seeking further volunteers.

“We have alot of activities and we are always looking for more volunteers and the more volunteers we have the more activities we will be able to do, like with the gazebo and the pathway we want to get the residents out there, we want to get them walking, those who can walk with their walkers but those who can’t that are in their wheelchairs we need people to push them around the pathway.”

Belisle also says around this time of year a big help to them would be some gardeners who are willing to volunteer their time, she says if anyone is interested in helping them embellish the outside of the building they are in need of the help.