A million reasons to celebrate.

A $1 million donation to the Sensenbrenner Hospital CT scan campaign from the Marcel and Frances Labelle Foundation has left staff in fits of joy.

CFO Chantal Boyer-Brochu and CEO France Dallaire helped deliver the news alongside one of the heads of the CT scan foundation Gilbert Peters just outside the front doors of the hospital this afternoon.

Photo of $1 million dollar donation announcement at Sensenbrenner Hospital Photo by MyKapuskasingNow.com Nick Birnie

Boyer-Brochu says staff has been overwhelmed by this generosity.

“Brings tears to our eyes, everybody that heard about it was crying. It is just crazy, unbelievable how generous one family can be and to have this family contribute their fruit of their harvest to our community.”

As well, the Labelle’s were so kind with their donation they are willing to allow Sensenbrenner to take in donations for the CT scan, and if they go above and beyond their total needed, to use the remaining extra funds from their donation on other projects necessary to the hospital.

Dallaire says the fact of the matter is this, the Labelle’s wanted to impact healthcare in our region, not just help.

“They really wanted to have an impact on healthcare in Kapuskasing and the region, whatever that meant, so it seems like it was really important for them to make a difference for the healthcare of our community.”

Both Boyer-Brochu and Dallaire say the generous million dollar donation is truly shocking, considering they went to the Labelle foundation asking for $500,000 and thinking that was too much, only to be met with twice the intended funds.

Dallaire says they still want to make sure that all donors are shown appreciation and that they realize that no matter how big or small, their donation is still an effort made towards helping the community.

The hospital at this point in time has now been lifted to a grand total of $1,585,651, placing the hospital under $125,000 from their $1.7 million fundraising goal.

The staff wants to thank the Labelle foundation for their extremely generous donation.