The Hearst hospital has a brand new laptop to help provide safer patient care.

The Northern Cancer Fund of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation received multitudes of donations across Northwestern Ontario, leading to the purchase of a new computer to help facilitate better cancer treatment at Notre-Dame hospital.

Executive leader of long term care and outpatient services Josee Mitron says to ensure they can continue providing the correct orders and documentation for their patients, they required a new computer.

Mitron says thanks to the grant this new laptop will be located in the area next to the patient so the caregiver does not need to ever leave the bedside.

She says they are extremely thankful to the Northern Cancer Fund for this grant of $1,825,000 allowing them to improve their cancer care at the hospital.

President and CEO of Thunder Bay RHSF Glenn Craig says this grant represents an ongoing commitment by the Northern Cancer Fund to provide exceptional cancer care for patients at Notre-Dame Hospital.